World Languages

DPS is proud to offer World Language courses in many of our schools, regardless of MLE program type, that are available to all students. 

We know that to acquire another language and to study culture is to gain an especially rich preparation for the future. It is difficult to imagine a job, a profession, a career, or a leisure activity that will not be enhanced greatly by the ability to communicate efficiently and sensitively with others. Possessing the linguistic and cultural insights that come with the study of one or more world languages will be a requisite for life as an informed, productive, and globally literate citizen in the worldwide community.

Languages Offered in DPS Schools

  • K-5: Spanish

  • 6-8: Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Heritage Spanish Language Arts

  • 9-12: Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Lakota, Spanish, Heritage Spanish Language Arts

Spanish Language Arts courses are for heritage or native speakers of Spanish. For our Spanish Language Arts courses, Spanish heritage language learners are considered to be any student who has a cultural connection with Spanish (either through family or cultural heritage).  Oftentimes, these students understand spoken Spanish and have varying degrees of reading and writing proficiency in Spanish. 

Please contact your student’s school for more information on the world languages offered.

Contact Information

Andrea Caulfield (World Languages)
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Cristin Lasser (Spanish Language Arts)
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