Family Engagement

We know that students succeed when their families take an active role in their education. DPS offers many opportunities for families to have a voice in their student’s education and school experience at both the school and district levels. Families of Multilingual Learners (MLL) are invited and empowered to take part in their student’s education.

Every family has a right to free translation and interpretation services in DPS. Please contact your student’s school, call our Family and Community Helpline at 720-423-3054, or email FACE Helpline any time you want to use this free service.

Districtwide Advisory Committee (MLE DAC)

Be a voice for Multilingual Learners at the district level.

The Multilingual Education Districtwide Advisory Committee (MLE DAC) is a monthly meeting where families whose students speak a language other than English learn about how Denver Public Schools is supporting the success of their students and other Multilingual Learners (MLLs).

The MLE DAC promotes academic partnerships and leadership through interactive sessions that bring together families from across the district to enhance their advocacy skills at home, school and district level. It also ensures that culturally and linguistically diverse families are equipped with the information, training and support they need to be active participants in all school and district committees, initiatives and events.

Parent Advisory Committee (MLE PAC)

Be a critical voice for Multilingual Learners in your school.

Each MLE program school has a Multilingual Education Parent Advisory Committee (MLE PAC). The MLE PAC is open to all families of MLL students in an MLE program. It provides an opportunity to increase communication between both the school and families. 

Join the MLE PAC at your school to:

  • Receive information about the MLE program and review the implementation of the MLE program

  • Be a voice for MLL students by meeting with school leaders and teachers to discuss questions or concerns you may have about the MLE program

To get involved with your school’s MLE PAC, please contact your school or the Office of Family and Community Engagement. Families whose students attend a charter school should check with their school for family committee details specific to the school.

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