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Selecting the Right MLE Program for Your Student

DPS believes every student’s home language and culture are assets that, combined with English language skills, help students achieve success in school and life. Our Multilingual Education (MLE) programs help students learn English as they study core subjects. In an MLE program, students who are speakers of languages other than English, and not yet proficient in English, are supported by teachers specially trained to instruct Multilingual Learners. Multilingual Learners in DPS who participate in an MLE program have higher graduation rates and reading assessment scores. We strongly encourage all parents or guardians of Multilingual Learners to select an MLE program to support their student’s learning.

Regardless of which program you choose, your student will receive dedicated English Language Development support and instruction in content areas from qualified teachers. If your student qualifies for MLE services, you will work with an expert at your student’s school to select an MLE program by completing the Parent Permission Form. As a parent or guardian, you choose the services you want your student to receive. 

All eligible MLL students can receive Special Education and/or Gifted and Talented services (dual identification). Dually identified MLLs must receive their required minutes of Dedicated ELD, Special Education, and/or Gifted & Talented services. Families can request classroom instruction in Spanish at a bilingual program school for their dually-identified MLL. Special Education and Gifted and Talented services may be available in Spanish at these sites, though it is not guaranteed. For more information, please contact your student’s school. Families can also contact the DPS Gifted and Talented Office at or contact the DPS Special Education Office.

As the parent of a Multilingual Learner, what should I keep in mind when selecting a school for my student?

Families of MLLs should consider the following when selecting a school for their student. 

  • What type of MLE programming do you want for your student?

  • In what language(s) do you want your student to learn? Do you want your student to learn Spanish and English at the same time? Is it important for you for your student to learn only in English? 

  • Is it important that the school has an adult who speaks your home language? Some schools have native language tutors that provide additional language support for students. 

  • Where in the city would you prefer your student’s school to be located? How will they get to school? Do you need transportation provided? 

  • Do you need before and after school care?

  • For families of ECE-aged students – Is full-day ECE important to you? 

  • For families of older students – What kind of College and Career programs are available? 

For more information about the SchoolChoice process and information on individual schools, visit the Choice & Enrollment website.

MLE Programs by School

View a list of schools and the MLE program(s) they offer.

What if my school does not offer the MLE program I want for my student?

If the MLE program you choose is not available at your nearest school, your student may attend an MLE Zone School that offers your choice of program. Families may also use the school choice process to select any DPS school that best meets their student’s needs.

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