Standard Bus Routes

Standard route (Traditional) transportation is the service that provides stop-to-school-to-stop transportation on the yellow school bus. Elementary and middle school students that are routed to standard routes are done so using the eligibility requirements set forth by the School Board of Education’s Policy on transportation.

Grade and Walk-Distance

  • Students in kindergarten through grade five must reside more than one mile from their boundary/home school.

  • Students in grade 6-8 must reside more than 2.5 miles from their boundary/home school.

A student is eligible for transportation if:

  • he/she is attending their boundary school and is outside of the “no transport/walk zone.”

  • he/she is attending a district-wide program with approved transportation.

  • he/she has an Individual Education Plan (IEP) with transportation as a related service.

How it works

The Routing Department analyzes community-based and neighborhood stops from year to year to assess the need and efficiency of stops. Eligible students are then routed to the nearest, safest stop, within the approved walk-able distance.

Parent Portal

Route information, including route numbers, stop locations and times are uploaded to the Parent Portal automatically from the transportation routing software known as Versatrans. Information is available on the transportation page within the Portal. If information in the student record is incorrect (i.e. address, contact information, school of attendance, etc.), routing information my not be properly reflected.

For students that are not eligible, the term “walker” will be displayed in the Portal. Families can complete the Exception Request form via the Parent Portal to request our routing department to review available resources.

bus line

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