SchoolChoice & Transportation

The school choice enrollment process allows for you to choose a school each year. The Choice and Enrollment office manages this process.  The school choice process does not impact the Transportation policy. Transportation is provided according to district policy EEAA.

DPS has a long-standing tradition of offering families the freedom and flexibility to select the school or program that best fits their student’s educational needs. You may request to attend another school in the district, including traditional, magnet, charter, or other specialty programs.

If your student Choices out of their home/boundary school or Enrollment Zone, they are not eligible for transportation services. When you participate in the SchoolChoice process and would like to further utilize DPS school bus services, you must then complete an online transportation exception form via the Parent Portal. 

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Where to Start

As you go through the SchoolChoice process, transportation options can become more limited so we would like to provide you with as much information as possible during your search.

School Finder

Visit the School Finder website to see the options that are available to you based on your home address and the grade that your student will be entering in to. On the School Finder website, you can also find schools base on interests that your student may have. Please keep in mind that these options may be outside of your boundary/Enrollment Zone.

Once you have input your address and have selected the grade level, a list of schools and their details will be displayed, while an interactive map will give you a geographic perspective of proximity. Included in the school details is the indication “This is your neighborhood school.”

This indicates that, given the appropriate distance, your student may be eligible for transportation. If this indication is not present, then the school is located outside of your boundary/enrollment zone and your student is not automatically eligible for transportation.

Please note: the distance indicated under the school is not the determination that our routing team uses to determine eligibility. To find out more about Student Eligibility, click the button below.

Click here to find out more about Student Eligibility

zone map

Transportation Options by School

Another area to consider when going through SchoolChoice is what transportation options are available to each school. Click on the buttons below to see the service that is provided to each school. Services range from Standard Bus Routes, Enrollment Zone Transportation, the Success Express Far and Near Northeast Shuttle and DPS RTD Bus Passes. Also listed are the schools that receive no yellow bus transportation.

Exception Request Form

In the event that your student is not eligible for transportation, families can complete the online Exception Request form via the Parent Portal. The Exception Request form allows families with students that are not eligible for transportation, to submit a request to see if resources are available for them to ride the bus.

The form is available via the Parent Portal and can only be submitted online. The timeline for the submission window will be posted in July of each school year via our website.


Have additional questions that were not answered here? You can call us at 720-423-4600 or email us at transportation. Be sure to include the following:

  • Name

  • Student number

  • School(s) looking to attend

  • Grade level

  • Home address